Image of Omar


Name: Omar
Model: Bombshell
Scale : 1/8
Size: 16"

Omar, an obedient soldier, feels guilty to be one of the few Bombshell survivors of the Last Stand. It was not until after the final battle that Omar had experienced the feeling of guilt. In the Last Battle, the Bombshells linked to create a giant shield that absorbed all of the energy that was meant to put an end to the human race. This allowed Flo and a small team of Decimators to attack and destroy the enemy forces once and for all. Absorbing the vast enemy weaponized energy took time, and many of the Bombshells were destroyed.

When this happened, as every atom of the shell was straining to stay whole, it would get eerily silent for a brief moment as air rushed into a space where it was never supposed to go. Then, with a loud crack, the shell would give, and the Bombshell would disintegrate in a spine-chilling sound that some described as the infinite scream.

Perhaps it was the impact of the destruction of so many of the PRTCr's in such a small amount of both time and space, the air filled with silence and the scream-like sounds of matter ripping asunder in a cacophonous yet somehow musical refrain. Somehow in that experience, Omar gained a new understanding. He realized for the first time that he had choice, and he felt loss.

Omar came to divide his existence into two time periods, Old Omar, the order-following, unfeeling machine and New Omar, who had choice and who could feel loss.

Sold Out