Image of Flo


Name: Flo
Model: Decimator
Scale : 1/8
Size: 14"

The Decimator was the most powerful fighter, and most adaptable PRTCr. Only a handful of Decimators made it through the war, with many dying in the Last Stand.

In addition to a vast array of weaponry, the Decimators had lightning-fast reflexes, and the ability to analyze and adjust to rapidly changing conditions in the heat of battle. This ability included visualizing a long sequence of actions and reactions in nanoseconds. Because they were able to remain calm and coldly evaluate options and react with deadly, and sometimes suicidal, consequences many people assumed that Decimators were incapable of feeling.

Flo was the first PRTCr to re-establish contact with humans 10 years after the Last Stand. Flo's relationship with Ella made it clear that Decimators could, in the right circumstances, feel.

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